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At One Inch Whale, we adopt a design-thinking approach in everything we do. We reframe every business issue in a human centric way and prefer early stage iterative feedback loops instead of late stage validation. From the basic exploration of consumers’ needs to the final implementation of a brilliant idea, we maximize the use of existing insights and data and develop tailor-made research approaches to fill the knowledge gaps.


Understand and explore unmet or unarticulated consumer needs: making sense of existing data and discovering insights, questioning assumptions, exploring different perspectives.


Reframing problems into opportunities: what consumer tensions can be solved by tapping into specific rational and emotional benefits, or reasons-to-believe.


Generating creative ideas by turning benefits & reasons-to-believe into product or service ideas.


Critiquing, choosing and sharpening the most relevant creative ideas into concepts and minimum viable products.


Testing through prototyping and experimentation, refining solutions before launch and market implementation. 

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